About Us



Small town advertising has always been a challenge, but with the decline in the effectiveness of traditional advertising outlets such as newspapers and without access to large market avenues like radio and television, local small business owners are left to reinvent how they communicate with their clients and customers.

The rise in popularity of Social Media and the accessibility by means of devices such as smart phones and tablets present business owners with new opportunities to interact with their client base and advertise their products and services.  However, with new opportunities come new challenges.

Jellybean Social can help simplify those challenges and develop a plan to promote your business, event, or organization. We will help navigate the often complicated and frustrating waters of social media and grow your business through social media marketing.

Another challenge for small business owners is TIME!  We can save you time by helping you handle the business of business.  General office support is a basic need of all professionals, yet employing a qualified person dedicated to administrative duties is cost prohibitive for most small business owners.  Let Jellybean Social provide you with specialized professional services when you need them at reasonable rates.